Welcome to the Haitian Network Group of Detroit (HNGD) , a non-profit organization with 501© (3) status.  HNGD is designed to give Haitians and friends in the Metropolitan Detroit area the opportunity to network; HNGD advocates the improvement of cultural diversity in the Detroit area.

Our mission is to promote Haitian culture, provide an environment for Haitians and friends of Haiti to network, and contribute to the welfare of Haitians worldwide.

Membership is open to anyone with a genuine interest in Haiti and its people.

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Read our Latest Newsletter – Zanmi Detroit, May 2020

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Haitian Heritage Month: May 2020 – Protecting Our Heritage by Protecting Ourselves

Dear Community MembersThe month of May has been traditionally celebrated in the Haitian diaspora since 1998 as Haitian Heritage Month, with various themes emphasizing pride in Haitian history, culture and the need to empower the Diaspora community. With the dramatic situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic, several communities had to adjust their Heritage Month celebrations and …

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Coronavirus Message from the HNGD Board

Dear Friends, The Coronavirus has taken all of us by surprise forcing us into self-isolation and wondering when and how it will all end. We have lost many things that a month ago we took for granted: loved ones, job, freedom to come and go as we please, a sense of control and so much …

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The 2020 CENSUS

Help our children get the best education and complete the 2020 Census.

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