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HNGD is proud to invite you to Krik! Krak! A Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival kickoff event – July 29th, 2022

You are in for a special evening of storytelling, laughter, and dancing that aims to celebrate Haitian Culture.  

Krik! Krak!
A Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival kickoff event starring author and renown Haitian storyteller Charlot Lucien.

July 29th , 2022 – 8:30pm to midnight at Kola Lounge.
Click here for more details

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite

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Save the Date and Join Us: July 30th & 31st 2022 – Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival

Bèl Bagay Lakay is about showcasing the Beautiful Things Haiti has to offer. Get involved and help our community shine! Please contact us, we are looking for volunteers to join subcommittees. 
Nou paka pa la! You gotta to be there!

check out our previous event:

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Did You Know That Haitians Have A Direct Connection With The City Of Chicago?

Haiti and Chicago, a historical connection that needs to be celebrated.

Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable was a free man of color, originally from the town of St. Marc in St. Domingue (present day Haiti). DuSable settled near the mouth of the Chicago River between 1778 and 1779. He and his Potawatomi wife, Kittihawa (Catherine) had a successful trading post there.

Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable is the first non-Native American settler of the area that we all know as Chicago. Unfortunately, the historical importance of his contribution is often overlooked and very much uncelebrated. Until now, that is…

The DuSable Heritage Association (DHA) has been collaborating with other organizations to establish the DuSable Park.

A project of this magnitude needs a lot of support and financial backing. It behooves all of us, and particularly Haitians considering the connection to Haiti, to support this effort that aims to celebrate a man of color and his accomplishments and legacy that have gone unrecognized for so many years.

Carmélite, Gaëlle and Gabrielle Dalmacy, residents of Grosse Pointe Woods (MI) and members of Haitian Network Group of Detroit have pledged to help raise $10,000 to support the creation of the DuSable Park in Chicago. This is certainly a worthy cause to fight for! Won’t you join them?

Donations can be made online or mail a check to HNGD 60 Milwaukee P.O. Box 2106 Detroit, MI 48202 (checks must be made out to HNGD; please add DuSable Park in the memo line)

Carmélite (left) with Gaëlle and Gabrielle Dalmacy (right) at the 2021 DuSable commemoration

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Report On The 2021 Earthquake Relief Efforts

Dear friends of Haiti,
We cannot thank you enough for your boundless generosity and for your love for the people of Haiti. 
As you know, back in August when the earthquake hit the southern portion of Haiti, HNGD sprang into action and immediately went into fundraising mode. 
We made our plea to you, and you responded without hesitation by making generous donations or by attending or by playing an active role in the incredible fundraising event that was organized by the Caribbean Community Service Center. 
Thanks to you, we raised a total of $17,741.20! This is no small feat! We commend you for playing a vital role in this relief effort.
Please consult the attached document to see how the funds will be distributed. Disbursement is scheduled to take place next week; we will keep you posted as we receive updates on how the earthquake victims benefited from your generosity.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The HNGD Board
Maggy Corkery
Alain Desvalons Mentor
Shirley Alcé Konaté
Janny Magloire Milton

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HNGD Fundraiser Speech – Dominique Morisseau

take a listen @

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HNGD Interviewed by Local TV Station

Watch interview below:

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Message from the Board: Earthquake in Haiti

Dear Friends,

Our Haiti Chérie has received another major blow. It looks like our beloved country cannot get a break! Once it gets over one hurdle, another one pops up.

HNGD will not be discouraged, and we know that you won’t either! We must remain strong and continue to fight for the sake of those who are affected by the recent earthquake and for the rest of the country as well.

We thank those of you who have already reached out to enquire about donations. HNGD has joined forces with Lend a Hand Haiti based in Florida and we are diligently working to come up with an efficient plan to send funds and goods to the victims of the earthquake. We will update you as soon as we have all the details worked out.

In the meanwhile, keep Haiti and its people in your prayers; they need it more than ever!

Thank you for caring!

The HNGD Board

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Annual Soup Joumou Event

Celebrate Haiti’s 217 years of independence while savoring Soup Joumou and Patés! January 17th, 2021 – 2pm – 4pm.
Because of the restrictions around COVID-19, we will only offer curside pickup. 
RSVP REQUIRED by January 12th at 248-514-6494 or
There is no cost for this event, however donations are welcome.
The 2021 Soup Joumou event is supported by the Bèl Bagay Lakay Haitian Art & Craft Festival.
We look forward to seeing you on January 17th! The HNGD Board.

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Coronavirus Message from the HNGD Board

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus has taken all of us by surprise forcing us into self-isolation and wondering when and how it will all end. We have lost many things that a month ago we took for granted: loved ones, job, freedom to come and go as we please, a sense of control and so much more!

Do not despair this difficult moment will pass. Until then, try your best to make the most of this forced confinement; read the book that you never got to finish, play more with your children, call, text or chat with long lost friends, remind to you are close to how much you love them, go for walks in non-crowded areas, catch-up on movies, laugh, joke. Bottom line keep busy, keep living and stop focusing on the bad news that you are being bombarded with!

What is equally important is how we respond to this crisis; not as individuals, but as caring members of an amazing community. We implore you to remain calm, think of those in need while protecting yourself and those around you. Check on your friends, neighbors, those who are at risk, the elderly and the weak. Remember to keep in your prayers those who died alone, and their family members who are not able to grieve in a way that will bring them closure. Take time to thank the front-line workers who are seeing firsthand the magnitude of the devastation caused by COVID-19.

Remind yourself that where there is hope there is life. We are all in his together and we will come out stronger!

Stay safe, stay connected , stay strong!

The Board of Haitian Network Group

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