Coronavirus Message from the HNGD Board

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus has taken all of us by surprise forcing us into self-isolation and wondering when and how it will all end. We have lost many things that a month ago we took for granted: loved ones, job, freedom to come and go as we please, a sense of control and so much more!

Do not despair this difficult moment will pass. Until then, try your best to make the most of this forced confinement; read the book that you never got to finish, play more with your children, call, text or chat with long lost friends, remind to you are close to how much you love them, go for walks in non-crowded areas, catch-up on movies, laugh, joke. Bottom line keep busy, keep living and stop focusing on the bad news that you are being bombarded with!

What is equally important is how we respond to this crisis; not as individuals, but as caring members of an amazing community. We implore you to remain calm, think of those in need while protecting yourself and those around you. Check on your friends, neighbors, those who are at risk, the elderly and the weak. Remember to keep in your prayers those who died alone, and their family members who are not able to grieve in a way that will bring them closure. Take time to thank the front-line workers who are seeing firsthand the magnitude of the devastation caused by COVID-19.

Remind yourself that where there is hope there is life. We are all in his together and we will come out stronger!

Stay safe, stay connected , stay strong!

The Board of Haitian Network Group

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