Report On The 2021 Earthquake Relief Efforts

Dear friends of Haiti,
We cannot thank you enough for your boundless generosity and for your love for the people of Haiti. 
As you know, back in August when the earthquake hit the southern portion of Haiti, HNGD sprang into action and immediately went into fundraising mode. 
We made our plea to you, and you responded without hesitation by making generous donations or by attending or by playing an active role in the incredible fundraising event that was organized by the Caribbean Community Service Center. 
Thanks to you, we raised a total of $17,741.20! This is no small feat! We commend you for playing a vital role in this relief effort.
Please consult the attached document to see how the funds will be distributed. Disbursement is scheduled to take place next week; we will keep you posted as we receive updates on how the earthquake victims benefited from your generosity.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The HNGD Board
Maggy Corkery
Alain Desvalons Mentor
Shirley Alcé Konaté
Janny Magloire Milton

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