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Help our children get the best education and complete the 2020 Census.

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Read our New Year Newsletter – Zanmi Detroit, January 2020

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Enjoy pics and videos from the 2019 Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival

This 2-day free outdoor event was designed to give  Metro Detroit residents an opportunity to experience the uniqueness of Haitian culture through art, crafts, food, dance and music. 

Haiti Festival 7.28.19_103.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_105.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_108.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_110.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_125.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_127.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_132.JPG
Consulate Plaque.jpg
Consulate Speech.jpg
Gina Samson01.jpg
Grant Award Check.jpg
JPerry and fans.jpg
Miss Carnival.jpg
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_4.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_7.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_8.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_9.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_10.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_12.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_17.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_18.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_27.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_29.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_33.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_35.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_38.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_49.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_53.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_55.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_58.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_60.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_61.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_64.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_67.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_69.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_71.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_72.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_73.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_75.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_77.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_79.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_91.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_93.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_79.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_91.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_93.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_98.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_99.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_101.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_102.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_103.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_105.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_108.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_110.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_125.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_127.JPG
Haiti Festival 7.28.19_132.JPG
Consulate Plaque.jpg

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Interview with Best Selling Author, Mitch Albom about festival

Listen to interview about the 2019 Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival on 760 WJR with best selling author, journalist and radio and television broadcaster, Mitch Albom and HNGD’s Margareth Corkery.

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SAVE THESE JULY DATES: 27th and 28th

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Enjoy Previous HNGD Art Festival Pics & Videos

Dance performance by Sylvestre Telfort from Massachusetts, Jinette Dumont Chapman from Michigan and Carmina Mevs from New Jersey . 2017 Bel Bagay Lakay Festival

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Join us for a Haitian-inspired Dinner by Chef Christian Noël

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Join us for a A Black History Month Event & Book Signing

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buying viagra from canada reviews
471 West Palmer Detroit, MI 48201

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Professor WSU Department of Classical and Modern Languages

A free Black History Month Event brought to you by Wayne State University Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies & Haitian Network Group of Detroit

Book signing:
Prophetic Visions of the Past: Pan-Caribbean Representations of the Haitian Revolution

Haitian Network Group of Detroit & WSU: African American Studies, Classical & Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures , Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights

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Invitation to Commemorate Haitian Independence Day – January 6, 2019

with tasty soup Joumou, Patés
Featuring Dr. Jean-Claude Dutès
Sunday, January 6th, 2019
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Kola Restaurant
Donation $10. Free for children under 5.
Please RSVP at 313-268-9250

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HNGD Holiday Party 2018 – Friday 12/21

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