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Mark your Calendar! The 2018 Miss Carival Pageant organized by the Caribbean Cultural and Carnival Organization (CCCO) is scheduled to take place on August 10, at the Arab American Museum in Dearborn.

Alexandra Brutus will be representing Haiti. Alexandra is the daughter of Andrèle St. Val; she and her family have lived in Michigan for a number of years. Our Miss Haiti is 17 years old and a junior at Avondale High School in Auburn Hills.  She is a member of the Queens of Melanin and Diversity Club at her school.  She is very active in her community through her volunteer efforts with the Delta Gems and the Boys and Girls Club.  She also serves as a middle school youth leader and preschool volunteer at Woodside Bible Church.  Alexandra enjoys singing and serves on her church’s praise and worship team.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and practicing nail art. She aspires to become a nurse.

To date, Haiti has had a great track record in the Miss Carival pageant. In 2014 we accomplished an unprecedented feat! Haiti was a double winner with Ché Alcé Jean-Charles who was crowned  Jr. Miss Carival and Michelle Narcisse who captured the Miss Carival title. We hope that the members of our community will come in droves to support Alexandra as she vies for the 2018 Miss Carival title.

Should you wish to offer your financial support to help defray the cost associated with Alexandra’s participation in the pageant, you can make a donation at free viagra samples before buying uk   Click on donate to HNGD Projects to add your information. Don’t forget to click on “Add special instructions to the seller” and type Miss Haiti in that field.

We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you on August 10 at the Arab American Museum wearing your Rouge et Bleu (Red and Blue) to cheer and applaud our Miss Haiti 2018!


With much appreciation,

The HNGD Board



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Join Us for a “A Taste of Havana”- Cruise on Royal Caribbean 6/23-28, 2018

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buy viagra online canadian pharmacy


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A Black History Month Presentation – Feb.27, 2018

“A Flame Superior to Lightning, A sound Superior to Thunder:
Haiti’s Revolutionary History and ‘Monstrous’ Poetics”

Guest lecturer:  Dr. Millery Polyne, PhD (New York University)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Time:  2:00PM – 4PM
Location:  Wayne State University Law School
Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium
471 West Palmer, Detroit, MI 48202

Free Presentation
Light refreshments will be served.

A black history month event presented y Haitian Network Group of Detroit (HNGD) in partnership with Wayne State University: Anthroplogy Department Center for Latino and Latin America Studies, Department of African American Studies Department of African American Studies, Department of History.

This activity is endorsed by the WSU Humanities Center and the Department of Political Science

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Congratulations to newly elected board members of HNGD!

In December 2017, HNGD’s due paying members elected the new board comprised of:

  • Margareth Corkery- President
  • Shirley Alcé-Konaté- Vice President
  • Alain Desvallons-Mentor – Secretary
  • Janny Magloire Milton- Treasurer

HNGD elected board -2018

They will serve a two-year term, effective as of January 1, 2018. We remain grateful to the Bylaw Committee, Dr. Soledad Nelson and Mr. Fritz Momplaisir, who oversaw the nomination and election process. The Board will continue to provide leadership for carrying out the organization’s mission of promoting Haitian culture across the local community and beyond. Their combined experience and expertise will no doubt strengthen HNGD’s presence and increase its impact in Southeast Michigan. The existence of this community-based and community-driven organization is more necessary than ever and the contributions of all members, particularly the due paying members, continue to be greatly valued.


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NOV 4th — Save the Date for a Heart-To-Heart Conversation about Cultural Identity and Acculturation


Please join us on for a heart-to-heart conversation about cultural identity  and acculturation led by Haitian-born author and 2017 National Book Award Finalist, Young People’s Literature,  Ibi Zoboi. The discussion will center around Ms. Zoboi’s acclaimed novel, American Street.
*This free event will be of interest to adults and youth  (13 years old and beyond )*

For more information see the attached document or  contact Shirley at 313-268-9250


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2017 Hurricane Relief Fundraiser event – viewing of “The Skeleton Crew” by the award-winning playwright, Dominique Morisseau.

Haitian Network Group of Detroit would like to invite you to the viewing of Skeleton Crew  by the award-winning playwright, Dominique Morisseau. In 2016, Ms. Morisseau wowed us with Detroit ’67, this year will be no different. It’s not every day that you get to see on stage the work of a Haitian-American playwright who is a Detroit native. It’s definitely, an event you do not want to miss!

Please note that this is a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean. The proceeds from the ticket sale will be donated to the Hurricane Disaster Relief effort headed by local Caribbean organizations: CCCO, JAM and WIAA . If you are not able to attend the event, please consider making a donation online or send your contribution to HNGD  60 East Milwaukee #2106    Detroit, MI 48202

Ticket Reservation Name

(Fees added for Paypal Processing)

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Thank You to all HNGD Sponsors

Thank you for contributing to the success of the 2017 Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival

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Report on 2017 Bèl Bagay Lakay Haitian Art & Craft Festival

Thank you all who participated in the success of Bèl Bagay Lakay Arts & Crafts Festival.

  • Meet the winner of our festival raffle:   Claude Jacobs






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Read Our Latest Edition of HNGD’s Newsletter

Click to view our latest edition of  buy viagra online cheap uk  or Enjoy browsing through the pages online below:

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Meet the artists featured during the 2017 Bel Bagay Lakay Craft fair

 Ancestral Memory, Struggle, and Vision in Haitian Art

Anthropology studies humans in all time and all places. It focuses upon human action, thought, and behavior; that is what is termed “culture.” Art is culture. Haitian art is born out of culture. It is up to us to decode the message wrapped in the systems of signs of the artists. Beyond the western distinction of “primitive” in contrast with “formal” art, this art reveals a way of life. It is the most fundamental dimension of Haitian art. What is essential in culture is its transcendental character through space and time. It is human experience handed down from generation to generation.

The artist is a craftsman who considers aesthetic effect in addition to, or instead of, the uses of his product. In the case of Haiti, aesthetics is complex because of the various sources of the cultural heritage. Haitian art also teaches the social customs and traditions of the country. It is primarily the Haitian popular culture which inspires the majority of Haitian artists.

The work of art is always rooted in the land where the people live, but never ends there, and, never comes completely from the earth. The work of art is both otherworldly and inner worldly. Haitian art has both dimensions. It is image and also represents an ideal, which lies in the horizon and remains never completely accessible, penetrable, nor factual.

Haitian art represents a totality. It projects on Haiti a great dignity and a great sense of worth. It “stands today like a remarkable monument among an impoverished people who are by no means poor in spirit…”

Cited from  Ancestral Memory, Struggle, and Vision in Haitian Art (2004) With the author’s permission.

Dr. Guérin C. Montilus, Professor of Anthropology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI


ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa ARTISTS
July 29th – 30th, 2017


  • Bécel Dubreuze Junior

Bécel was born in Haiti and he began to draw at the tender age of 5 and was intrigued by the work of great artists. His earlier education in the field of architecture gave him a great knowledge in unity achieved by the consistent use of lines, color, material and texture within a design. His artwork is a reflection on life and how it frames the human experience.  Bécel’s inspiration comes from the memories of his native land as well as his everyday observation of life all over.  His religious background and his passion for jazz are also source of inspiration.  buy viagra online canada with mastercard


  • Michael Brudent

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti this talented artist embraced his calling into decorative art at a very early age and attended L’Ecole des beaux Arts.  He learned the basics of design and acrylics from well renowned contemporary Haitian Master, Dorcely. Michael Brudent has proven himself to be an exceptional artist and is known by the Haitian Nationals at large for the mastery of his brush strokes and colors. buy viagra online pharmacy reviews


  • Gina Samson

Her artwork explores human experiences of strength, resilience, and renewal through expressive portraits, depictions of the human figure and abstractions of line and color, seeking to capture a fleeting mood or emotion. Using oil, acrylic or watercolor she creates figurative and semi-abstract paintings and collages to explore social consciousness, community life, rituals and the cultural legacy of the African Diaspora, particularly in her jazz-inspired series.  is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy


  • Jacques Auguste Toussaint

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at a very young age he became interested in painting. A Current resident of Quebec, he has participated in many art expositions in Canada, the United States, and Europe and Haiti. He draws his inspiration from his home country using the people and scenery. Complete stories are told in the oil paintings that he creates, mostly by the purity of color and the realistic nature captured in the eyes of his subjects. The paintings of Jacques Toussaint pay homage to man and womankind; always smiling, and optimistic, willing to share his inner joy with the world. This artist takes it upon himself to find wonderment in everything. We can look upon his work as a therapy for the soul.


  • Alexandra Antoine – Painting and Prints.

My current work focuses on portraiture and the visual representation of languages of the African diaspora. My linear color layout signifies my tracing of ancestry and heritage and I use text in Creole to showcase my native tongue, drawing from stylistic representations found around the city of Port-Au-Prince and Leogane, Haiti, specifically on “tap-tap” buses. I combine reconfigured Mud Cloth and Vévé symbols from Mali and Haiti respectively that are representative of my subjects personality and life experiences.  buy viagra online cheap canada


  • Fritz Millvoix — Painting.

Fritz Millevoix was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1957 and began painting at the age of 14. Despite his four years of formal training, he prefers to work in the so-called naïve or primitive style. ​Mr. Millevoix has had exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. In the United States he has shown in New York, Philadelphia, Florida, Atlanta, Chicago and now Cleveland. He has received numerous awards as well as illustrated several children’s books.​His paintings are alive with a brilliance of color, pattern and meticulous detail. His color spectrum is broad and rich with jungle themes full of colorful animals, mountain village scenes, underwater  mermaid villages, Caribbean beach scenes and landscapes of depth and mystique.  Every scene depicted in a Millevoix’s paintings is lush with nature,joy, and fantasy.”   Fritz moved to the United States in 1988 and currently resides in Chicago.  buy viagra online cheapest


  • Jean Yves Hector

Jean Yves Hector was born in Port-au-Prince in 1995. He started showing interest in drawing at the age of 6 and painting at 14. He attended College Mazenod Seminary. His paintings reflect different styles: Ecole de la beaute, cubism, scenery of the country side. He is a Great admirer of Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Haitian international artist Tiga. He has a profound interest in the period of Renaissance and Classicism Art.  cheapest place to buy viagra online  and  buy cheapest viagra online uk


  • Nixon Léger

Award winning artist Nixon Léger (pseudonym Nix-On) is from Belle Anse, Haiti.  The picturesque surroundings of his homeland calls him to the arts at a very young age.  In 1998, he studies under Haitian art master Casimir Joseph honing and perfecting his artistic skills.   He enters ENARTS with a full scholarship in 2000 and by 2003 he teaches art at the Mission Episcopal of Haiti, College St. Matthias (Cherudan), and at a number of other schools in Haiti.  He also participated in numerous exhibits in Haiti. Many artists have muses, and painter Nixon Léger is no exception. But his muse—the plantain leaf—springs from the earth. It might seem like an odd choice, but for Leger, who grew up in Haiti where the banana-like fruit is a staple, it makes sense. “I fell in love with the plantain leaf as a child,’’ says Leger. “The leaves have different shapes and colors. I love when they grow long, then break and go back to the main trunk, starting over. It’s the cycle of life.’’Nixon truly believes in giving back to his community; over the years he has contributed to many programs and fundraisers and has freely donated his time whenever he is needed. He has participated in events organized in the US  by the National association of black journalists (NABJ) , as well as abroad, namely Liberia and Haiti. He has a great passion for Art and truly believes that his Art leaves an indelible impression among visual art lovers.  Nixon currently lives in the US where he continues to practice his art and works tirelessly to exhibit his work nationally.


  • Samuel “Sammo” Augustin

I often consider myself as an “Artist Reporter” because of my ability to recreate some small but important details of life.  As an “Artist Reporter” and Haitian immigrant, the Haitian life in “Batey: in the Dominican Republic” (Formerly Saint Dominque) captured my attention years ago. However, I was unable to express my feeling about this part of history that continues today and has become modern slavery. My love for my country and my fellow Haitians comes through strongly in my art work. Today it is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce you to: “Conversation in Batey Part 1” & “Celebration in Batey Part 1”About the Art Work:  “Conversation and Celebration in Batey” are two examples of why I consider myself an “Artist Reporter” rather than a painter. My work neatly captures both the elegance and movement of Haitian people practicing folklore despite slavery. Significantly, all of the main figures in my Art Work are Haitian people living in “Batey” reflecting my deep belief in freedom, racial culture and pride. Like a good reporter, I am able to capture and not comment on the scene in anyway. I simply show what I see, but with great care and attention to details allowing my audience to discover the beautiful form of the human body through movement and cheap viagra online uk next day delivery— TEL: 718-200-7677  — Email: buy viagra online using paypal


  • Maryse Edouard —  was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Through her paintings, mostly flowers, she has described the world in the magnificent colors of the Haitian flora, which represents the “gaiety” and warmth of her personality.  In 1983 she moved to Queens and since has renewed contact with most of the Haitian artists living in New-York. The great artist Edouard Wah took a special interest in her work and became her mentor


  • Sylvestre Telfort–Mr. Telfort was raised in Haiti with a multi-artisticly talented large family. He began his painting
    experience on the knees of his older realistic artist brother Rousseau Telfort. His early classic education started at the historic Lycée Alexandre-Pétion middle school. Then he moved onto Breaubrun Ardouin High School. He continued to develop his skills at home until his college years at Gerald-A-Joseph. Eventually, Sylvestre made a leap and exposed himself to new ways of creating with his brush or palette knife while attending Art School at Poto Mitan. Under the
    tutelage of Jean-Claude Garoute (Tiga) and Wilfrid Austin Casimir (Frido) Sylvestre was able to
    expand his knowledge and refine his craft.
    Sylvestre Telfort has caught the attention of many art collectors as they recognize his unique
    style and eye for the natural and abstract. When asked, Monsieur Telfort will tell you his
    favorite artist is Salvador Dali.  In the Haitian Museum 2003 List Book you will find information on Sylvestre Telfort.


  • Luscon Guerrier
    Self-taught, Lucson Guerrier first experimented with painting at the age of 17, in a craft workshop. He spent several years reproducing the works of well-known Haitian artists before deciding to devote all his time to his own artistic research. “For most of my paintings, I do what I call abstract intuitive painting … As I paint an element, little by little, I see other forms appear, and as I work with the contrast, color, light, and treatment of the paint, I give a role to these shapes…” Lucson always tries to create a visual harmony that corresponds to the emotions that he feels when he is working. Many of his paintings do not represent subjects or objects, but only forms and colors. Often using his fingers, as a brush, the artist does not limit himself to abstract painting; he has also ventured into realism, surrealism, portraits and landscapes. Over the years, Guerrier has participated in several exhibits in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the United

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